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Monday, December 31 2018

1 Kings 13 & 14: Will You Flee From Evil?
Verse of the Day: (13:33) After this thing Jeroboam returned not from his evil way, but made again of the lowest of the people priests of the high places: whosoever would, he consecrated him, and he became one of the priests of the high places.

1. Eat (13:1-32)
For so was it charged me by the word of the LORD, saying, Eat no bread, nor drink water, nor turn again by the same way that thou camest. (13:9)

A man of God was at altar of God’s house when he cried out to King Jeroboam that Josiah, a child, shall be born to the family of King David, and he shall destroy all the false gods that Jeroboam had caused Israel to worship and sinned against the true God of Israel. Jeroboam was angry with his prophecy and raised his hand for his soldiers to arrest the man of God when suddenly his hand became paralyzed. He then pleaded with the man of God and eventually his hand was restored to him. Jeroboam then invited the man of God for a feast in which the latter declined, and told him that God’s command was that he should refrain from eating and drinking and going back the same way he came from. However, as the man of God left Jeroboam, he met an old prophet who deceived him and told him that God had spoken to him through an angel to invite him to his house to eat and drink. The man of God then disobeyed God by going back the same way he came from, and ate and drank at the old prophet’s house. As he left the house, he was eaten by a lion. Indeed, let us be sober and vigilant, and only trust and obey God. (1 Peter 5:8-11)   

2. Evil (13:33-34)
And this thing became sin unto the house of Jeroboam, even to cut it off, and to destroy it from off the face of the earth. (13:34)

God gave Jeroboam many chances to repent of his evil ways, but he never take heed of the warnings, and subsequently, He judged and punished him and the rest of the kings after him, a total of 19 kings, of the northern kingdom, who all did evil against Him. As for the kings of the southern kingdom, only 8 of the 20 kings were godly kings. Indeed, let us repent of our sins, and do what is right before our righteous God. (Jeremiah 17:9-10)

3. Eyes (14:1-31)
And Jeroboam’s wife did so, and arose, and went to Shiloh, and came to the house of Ahijah. But Ahijah could not see; for his eyes were set by reason of his age. (14:4)

Though Ahijah, the prophet, was blind due to his old age, yet he could spiritually see the future of Jeroboam’s sick son that he would eventually die. Whatever Jeroboam and his wife tried to do, by disguise and deceit, to restore their son’s life, they failed, because they could never escape from God’s will. Indeed, let us only look to Jesus, the Author and Finisher of our faith, as only He shall never fail or forsake us. (Hebrews 12:1-2)

Prayer of the Day:
Dearest God, please help me to flee from evil, and do what is good before You.

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Monday, December 31 2018

1 Kings 11 & 12: Is The LORD Angry With You?
Verse of the Day: (11:9) And the LORD was angry with Solomon, because his heart was turned from the LORD God of Israel, which had appeared unto him twice

1. Angry (11:1-13)
Howbeit I will not rend away all the kingdom; but will give one tribe to thy son for David my servant’s sake, and for Jerusalem’s sake which I have chosen. (11:13)

God was angry with Solomon because he succumbed to his lust as he had 700 wives and 300 concubines when He had intended that man should have only one wife as in the beginning of time, He created Eve from Adam’s one rib. (Genesis 2:20-25) Though God loved Solomon that He appeared to him twice; once to grant him his desire, and the second to sanctify His house and promised Israel that He shall be with them forever, yet he failed Him. God then pronounced judgment upon him that his kingdom shall be divided. His servant, Jeroboam, shall remove from him 10 tribes, while his son, Rehoboam, shall be left with only 2 tribes, the tribe of Benjamin, and his own tribe, Judah, for David’s and Jerusalem’s sake. Indeed, let us only please God. (Galatians 1:10)

2. Adversary (11:14-43)
And the LORD stirred up an adversary unto Solomon, Hadad the Edomite: he was of the king’s seed in Edom. (11:14)

God stirred 3 adversaries against Solomon; one was Hadad the Edomite prince, the second was Rezon who reigned over Syria, and the third was Jeroboam, Solomon’s servant. After Solomon knew that Jeroboam would divide his kingdom, he sought to kill him, and the latter fled to Egypt. After Solomon’s death, (who reigned in Jerusalem for 40 years, the same duration as David, his father) Jeroboam returned to Jerusalem and led a rebellion against the new King Rehoboam. Though God blessed Solomon yet he sinned and only repented at the end of his life. In his lifetime, God inspired him to write 3 books, namely, Song of Solomon, Proverbs and lastly, Ecclesiastes, in which he summed up man’s life purpose is to fear God and keep His commandments. (Ecclesiastes 12:13-14)

3. Advice (12:1-33)
And king Rehoboam consulted with the old men, that stood before Solomon his father while he yet lived, and said, How do ye advise that I may answer this people? (12:6)

After Solomon’s death, Israel chose Jeroboam to lead them in demanding that King Rehoboam reduce their taxes. Rehoboam then consulted 2 groups of people; one was the veterans who advised him to reduce them, while the other was his contemporaries who advised him to charge them with more taxes. He listened to the latter, resulting in strife and the split of his kingdom. Let us only seek God, and not man, for advice. (Psalms 133)

Prayer of the Day:
Dearest God, please help me to flee from sins, and to only please and obey You.

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Wednesday, December 26 2018

1 Kings 9 & 10: Are You Happy?
Verse of the Day: (10:8) Happy are thy men, happy are these thy servants, which stand continually before thee, and that hear thy wisdom.

1. Hallow (9:1-28)
And the LORD said unto him, I have heard thy prayer and thy supplication, that thou hast made before me: I have hallowed this house, which thou hast built, to put my name there for ever; and mine eyes and mine heart shall be there perpetually. (9:3)

God appeared to Solomon the second time, (the 1st time was when He asked Solomon what he desired) and told him that He had heard his prayer, and had hallowed His own house, and promised him and Israel that He shall be with them for all eternity. (1 Kings 3:5-15) Subsequently Israel fell apart, and the only time that she shall be restored to her glorious days is during the Millennium, which is right after the Rapture, and the 7 years Tribulation, when Christ shall return and reign in new Israel. Indeed, though man may fail yet God never fails and He shall keep His Word and promises forever. (2 Peter 3:9-18)

2. Happy (10:1-13)
Blessed be the LORD thy God, which delighted in thee, to set thee on the throne of Israel: because the LORD loved Israel for ever, therefore made he thee king, to do judgment and justice. (10:9)

Queen of Sheba was so overwhelmed by Solomon’s godly wisdom, and the beauty and splendour of God’s house and his palace, that she stood in awe and was speechless. What she saw surpassed what she had heard of him. However what impressed her most was that his people were happy with life because they had God’s Word through their king. Indeed, true happiness is when we have God and His Word, as our helper and hope, as only He can forgive our sins, and save our souls from eternal condemnation. (Psalms 146)

3. Heart (10:14-29)
And all the earth sought to Solomon, to hear his wisdom, which God had put in his heart. (10:24)

Not only God put wisdom in Solomon’s heart but He also blessed him with abundance of gold that everything he had was made of gold, and silver became like stones. He also had 1,400 chariots, and 12,000 horsemen whom he stationed in the cities for chariots and palace and also an impressive navy to protect him and Israel. People from all over the world visited and presented him with gifts so that they could not only hear God’s Word through him but also admire the beauty of God’s house and his palace. He was living almost like heaven on earth until he succumbed to lust and pride. Indeed, to be happy with God is not only to hear His Word, but to fully trust and obey Him. (1 John 2:15-17)

Prayer of the Day:
Dearest God, thank You that I am happy always hearing and obeying Your Word.

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Friday, December 21 2018

1 Kings 7 & 8: The Glory Of The LORD
Verse of the Day: (8:11) So that the priests could not stand to minister because of the cloud: for the glory of the LORD had filled the house of the LORD.

1. Gold (7:1-51)
nd Solomon made all the vessels that pertained unto the house of the LORD: the altar of gold, and the table of gold, whereupon the showbread was, (7:48)

King Solomon hired many craftsmen from Tyre, such as Hiram, one of the outstanding craftsmen, to assist him in not only the construction of God’s house which took him 7 years, but also his own house which took him 13 years. The houses, in particular God’s house, including the altar, pillars, lattices, basins and furnishings were beautifully and elaborately constructed and covered with gold, that people from all over the world visited Israel to admire the beauty of these houses, and also to hear God’s Word from Solomon. Indeed, whatsoever we do, let us do our best, as we have only one life. (Ecclesiastes 9:10)

2. Glory (8:1-27)
But will God indeed dwell on the earth? behold, the heaven and heaven of heavens cannot contain thee; how much less this house that I have builded? (8:27)

After Solomon had brought God’s ark into the holy place of His newly constructed house, and after the priests who brought it in had left the place, His glory immediately filled His entire house. Solomon then prayed to God before Israel, and worshipped and praised Him for who He was, and what He had done for them, and confessed that even His own house could never contain Him. Solomon and Israel offered 22,000 oxen and 120,000 sheep as sacrifices to God, and dedicated His house in His own name. This was the zenith of the entire history of Israel, even until today. The only time that Israel shall surpass this zenith is when after the Rapture (All Christians shall be caught up with Christ in heaven), and the 7 years of Great Tribulation (Satan shall rule the world and torture the people), that Christ shall return, and cast out Satan to hell for 1,000 years, and rule the new earth during this period known as the Millennium, before finally God release Satan, and destroy him and all who rebelled against Him forever in the lake of fire. (Revelation 20)

3. Good (8:28-66)
Blessed be the LORD, that hath given rest unto his people Israel, according to all that he promised: there hath not failed one word of all his good promise, which he promised by the hand of Moses his servant. (8:56)

Indeed, every promise of God is good, and if He spares not His own Son, Jesus Christ, shall He not freely give us all things to enjoy? And if God is for us, who shall be against us? Let us claim upon God’s promises, and reflect upon His goodness, grace and glory, knowing that one day we shall give an account of all our works before Him. (Romans 8)

Prayer of the Day:
Dearest God, please help me to always live to reflect Your goodness, grace and glory.

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Monday, December 17 2018

1 Kings 5 & 6: Finished It
Verse of the Day: (6:14) So Solomon built the house, and finished it.

1. Father (5:1-18)
And Hiram king of Tyre sent his servants unto Solomon; for he had heard that they had anointed him king in the room of his father: for Hiram was ever a lover of David. (5:1)

Behind every successful man is a great father. King Solomon managed to build and even finish the house of God in 7 years, because his predecessor, King David, his father, not only encouraged and prepared the design and building materials, but he also had friends like Hiram, King of Tyre, who supported his construction. (1 Chronicles 28:10-21) Hiram generously provided Solomon with cedar and fir trees from Lebanon for the construction in return for the yearly supply of 20,000 measures of wheat, 20 measures of pure oil and 30,000 labour force from Israel. Indeed, how good and pleasant it is for our loved ones and fellow churches to dwell together in unity and harmony for God’s glory. (Psalms 133)

2. Finish (6:1-35)
And the whole house he overlaid with gold, until he had finished all the house: also the whole altar that was by the oracle he overlaid with gold. (6:22)

Though David had a great part in the successful completion of the house of God, yet Solomon was also conscientious and diligent in making sure that every detail of the construction was according to God’s instructions. Before God’s Word, the Bible, was written and completed, God spoke to His people, just like He spoke to Solomon, and gave him specific measurements as to the construction of His house, and in particular, His altar. Almost everything of the building was to be overlaid with gold. In fact, they must get all the construction stones ready in exact size before bringing them into the construction site, so that there shall be no sound of hammer, axe or any iron tool in the site. Indeed, let us give our best to God, as He has given His best to us, when He gave His only Son, Jesus Christ, to die on the cross for the sins of the whole world, yours and mine. (John 3:16)

3. Foundation (6:36-38)
In the fourth year was the foundation of the house of the LORD laid, in the month Zif: (6:37)

Every building is as strong as the foundation. If the foundation is weak, then when an earthquake comes, the building may collapse. Solomon built a strong and deep foundation so that the house of God could stand sure amid any turbulence. By God’s grace, He took 7 years to finish it, as he started on the 4th year building the foundation and completing it on the 11th year. Indeed, let us build our faith on the foundation of God that is sure, so that we shall not be moved when crises come our ways. (2 Timothy 2:19)

Prayer of the Day:
Dearest God, please help me to start and finish well my Christian life journey.

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Friday, December 14 2018

1 Kings 3 & 4: Solomon’s Wisdom
Verse of the Day: (4:30) And Solomon’s wisdom excelled the wisdom of all the children of the east country, and all the wisdom of Egypt.

1. Woman (3:1-28)
Then spake the woman whose the living child was unto the king, for her bowels yearned upon her son, and she said, O my lord, give her the living child, and in no wise slay it. But the other said, Let it be neither mine nor thine, but divide it. (3:26)

If there was only one weakness of Solomon, the wisest and wealthiest king of the world, it was his lust for beautiful women. This flaw not only made him fall from grace, but his kingdom, expanded by King David, his father, was almost razed to ground zero. He started well when in his dream, he replied to God that he desired only wisdom among other things, when asked as to what he required to lead Israel. His wisdom was soon put to the test, when 2 immoral women came to him claiming that a child was theirs. In order to prove the real mother, he ordered the child to be divided into two. The real mother then cried out to the other to have him, proving that she was the real one. From then on, Israel knew that he was blessed with God’s wisdom. However, subsequently, he sinned against God, when his heart followed his wives and their idolatry. Today, God only speaks to us through His Word, the Bible, and not dreams or any other means, unlike those days when the Bible was yet to be completed. Indeed, let us be wise, and fear God. (1 Kings 11:1-13)

2. Wall (4:1-25)
The son of Geber, in Ramoth-gilead; to him pertained the towns of Jair the son of Manasseh, which are in Gilead; to him also pertained the region of Argob, which is in Bashan, threescore great cities with walls and brasen bars: (4:13)

Behind every successful leader are his lieutenants. Solomon had 12 lieutenants over Israel to assist him in leading and providing for him, each with one month in the year, and also for his people. One of them was the son of Geber who had 60 great walled cities with bronze bars. Indeed, let us as leaders, lieutenants and people be united in God’s wisdom even though we may have different gifts and talents. (1 Corinthians 12:27-31)   

3. Wisdom (4:26-34)
And God gave Solomon wisdom and understanding exceeding much, and largeness of heart, even as the sand that is on the sea shore. (4:29)

God blessed Solomon with excellent wisdom that all regarded him as the wisest man on earth. He, inspired by God, was also blessed with writing 3 of the 66 books of the Bible, namely, Proverbs, Ecclesiastes and Song of Solomon, including 3,000 proverbs and 1,005 songs, covering many significant and vital aspects of life, such as life purpose and principles of life, that many from all over the world came to hear him. (Matthew 6:24-34)

Prayer of the Day:
Dearest God, please grant me wisdom to serve You with others for Your glory.

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Friday, December 14 2018

1 Kings 1 & 2: I Will Be King
Verse of the Day: (1:5) Then Adonijah the son of Haggith exalted himself, saying, I will be king: and he prepared him chariots and horsemen, and fifty men to run before him. 

1. King (1:1-45)
The king also said unto them, Take with you the servants of your lord, and cause Solomon my son to ride upon mine own mule, and bring him down to Gihon: (1:33)

I believe the hardest thing in any organisation, and in particular, God’s church, is leadership succession. The organisation and the church may have done well in their present leadership, but after the leadership succession they fail miserably, why? They have not prepared well for it. As far as the church is concerned, God is with us and we must pray for His leadership in appointing His pastor. King David was now old and sick, and God had earlier spoken to him that his son, Solomon, the son of Bathsheba, shall be his successor. (1 Chronicles 22:6-10) However, another of David’s sons, Adonijah, the son of Haggith, who was older than Solomon, and by tradition should be the next king, began gathering support from Joab the captain and Abiathar the priest and all his brothers except Solomon, Nathan the prophet, Zadok the priest and Benaiah. However, David thwarted his plot, as he commanded Zadok and Nathan to anoint him as the next king of Israel. Indeed, God only calls leaders who truly love Him and His Word. (1 Timothy 3)   

2. Kingdom (1:46-53)
And also Solomon sitteth on the throne of the kingdom. (1:46)

No matter how man strategizes, God always wins. As Adonijah’s plot failed, he feared for his life, and pleaded with Solomon by catching hold of the horn of the altar in the tabernacle. Solomon then spared his life. Indeed, let us submit to God and seek His kingdom and righteousness, and everything we need shall be fulfilled. (Matthew 6:33-34)

3. Keep (2:1-46)
And keep the charge of the LORD thy God, to walk in his ways, to keep his statutes, and his commandments, and his judgments, and his testimonies, as it is written in the law of Moses, that thou mayest prosper in all that thou doest, and whithersoever thou turnest thyself: (2:3)

Before God promoted David, he charged Solomon to keep His commandments, and be kind to Barzillai who was a kind man, and warned him of Shimei who was an evil man. King Solomon then succeeded his father, and soon he ordered the death of Adonijah, as he had the audacity to ask him to give him Abishag, David’s concubine, to be his wife, confirming his suspicious that Adonijah was still eyeing on the throne. Solomon also ordered the death of Joab and Shimei as both of them had rebelled against him. Indeed, the conclusion of life is to fear God and keep his commandments. (Ecclesiastes 12:13-14)

Prayer of the Day:
Dearest God, please help me to submit to You as the King and Saviour of my life.

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Friday, December 14 2018

2 Samuel 23 & 24: The Last Words
Verse of the Day: (23:1) Now these be the last words of David. David the son of Jesse said, and the man who was raised upon on high, the anointed of the God of Jacob, and the sweet psalmist of Israel, said

1. Last (23:1-7)
The God of Israel said, the Rock of Israel spake to me, He that ruleth over men must be just, ruling in the fear of God. (23:3)

Our last words are very important because they sum up what we believe. David’s last words not only thanked God for who He is, but he also exhorted his leaders that they must be fair and fear God. He shared from his experiences that God only blessed his leadership when he feared Him. In fact, David was, is and shall always be the best king of Israel. Let our last words be thanking God that we have always feared Him. (Proverbs 1:7)

2. Lion (23:8-39)
And Benaiah the son of Jehoiada, the son of a valiant man, of Kabzeel, who had done many acts, he slew two lionlike men of Moab: he went down also and slew a lion in the midst of a pit in time of snow: (23:20)

David’s last words included his commendation of his 37 mighty men, as without them he would never be a great king. 3 of his 37 men ventured into enemy’s territory just to draw water for David to drink, and when he found out, he refused to drink, but poured it out as an offering to God. Another, Benaiah, not only killed 2 lionlike Moabites, but he also killed a lion in a pit in time of snow. Indeed, with God we fear nothing. (2 Timothy 1:7). 

3. Land (24:1-25)
And David built there an altar unto the LORD, and offered burnt offerings and peace offerings. So the LORD was intreated for the land, and the plague was stayed from Israel. (24:25)

However, at the end of David’s life, he and Israel became proud, and God allowed him to number Israel, and thus sinned against Him. God through Prophet Gad commanded David to choose one of the 3 kinds of punishment for his sins, namely, 7 years of famine or 3 years of fleeing from his enemies or 3 days’ pestilence. David chose to fall into God’s hand, and God then sent a pestilence that wiped out 70,000 men. In order to stop the pestilence, David had to buy a threshingfloor of Araunah and offered burnt and peace offerings at that particular site. When Aarunah offered to give his land, David refused as he knew that he must pay for the penalty of his sins. Subsequently, the threshing floor became the site of God’s temple, which Solomon, David’s son, built, and it was also the site where God’s Son was crucified for the sins of the world. Let us therefore humble ourselves to know that all that we have truly belong to God and His grace. (James 4:6-10)

Prayer of the Day:
Dearest God, may my last words be, Thank You, Lord, and, Lord, I need You!

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Friday, December 07 2018

2 Samuel 21 & 22: The LORD Is My Rock
Verse of the Day: (22:2) And he said, The LORD is my rock, and my fortress, and my deliverer;

1. Rest (21:1-22)
And Rizpah the daughter of Aiah took sackcloth, and spread it for her upon the rock, from the beginning of harvest until water dropped upon them out of heaven, and suffered neither the birds of the air to rest on them by day, nor the beasts of the field by night. (21:10)

Though King Saul was dead, yet God still judged his sins - the killing of the Gibeonites that infringed on the peace covenant that Joshua, Israel’s leader, had made with them (Joshua 9:1-21) - by allowing a severe famine to afflict Israel for 3 years. To atone for Saul’s sins, the Gibeonites required 7 of his sons to be hanged. Except for Mephibosheth, Jonathan’s son, David chose 7 of Saul’s son to be hanged. 2 of the 7 sons were from Rizpah, Saul’s concubine, and she spread a sackcloth for herself on the rock making sure that the birds and the beasts would never rest on her 2 beloved sons’ corpses day and night until God would grant rain to Israel again. David was touched by her deed that he commanded that the bones of Saul and his sons be brought from the men of Jabeshgilead to the grave of Kish, Saul’s father. Finally God gave them rain. David had grown weaker and during the battle with the Philistines he almost lost his life, but Abishai saved him. From that day, his men decided that he shall never lead them to battle. Indeed, God is not mocked, and not only we, but our descendants, shall reap what we sow. (Galatians 6:7)
2. Rock (22:1-29)
The God of my rock; in him will I trust: he is my shield, and the horn of my salvation, my high tower, and my refuge, my saviour; thou savest me from violence. (22:3)

As David no longer go to war, he began to write his song of thanksgiving to his God who was his Rock, Fortress, Deliverer, Shield, Horn of Salvation, High Tower and Saviour, and had not only kept him alive, and commended him as a man after His own heart, but also richly blessed him as the ancestor of Jesus Christ, the Son of God. (Acts 13:22-24)

3. Run (22:30-51)
For by thee I have run through a troop: by my God have I leaped over a wall. (22:30)

David expressed his deep love for God by writing his song of thanksgiving to Him acknowledging that it was God’s mighty hand that helped him ran through troops, leaped over high walls, and overcame all his enemies including King Saul who wanted his life. (Psalms 18). David fondly recalled God giving him his first victory over Goliath, the Philistines’ champion, and his final battle again with the Philistines. Indeed, let us fully trust God, our Rock, and if God is truly for us, who can be against us? (Romans 8:31-39)

Prayer of the Day:
Dearest God, thank You that You are my Rock who strengthen me when I am weak.

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Thursday, December 06 2018

2 Samuel 19 & 20: A Wise Woman
Verse of the Day: (20:16) Then cried a wise woman out of the city, Hear, hear; say, I pray you, unto Joab, Come near hither, that I may speak with thee.

1. Weep (19:1-40)
And it was told Joab, Behold, the king weepeth and mourneth for Absalom. (19:1)

Joab, David’s captain, persuaded him to cease weeping over his son, Absalom’s death, and moved on, as he still had many people who cared for him. David heeded Joab’s advice and rallied and united the people of Israel and Judah. David forgave Shimei and spared his life although the latter had cursed and cast stones at him while he was on the run from Absalom who wanted him dead. David was touched by Mephibosheth’s loyalty as the latter had neither trimmed his beard nor washed his clothes since David was on the run. David showed gratitude to Barzillai by inviting him to stay at his palace as the latter had generously provided for him while he was on the run. Barzillai declined as he was already 80 years old and would rather stay at his home. Indeed let us be gracious to all including our enemies, and know that God has made everything beautiful in His time, and even the death of His saints are their promotion to glorious heaven. (Ecclesiastes 3:1-11)
2. Words (19:41-43)
And the men of Israel answered the men of Judah, and said, We have ten parts in the king, and we have also more right in David than ye: why then did ye despise us, that our advice should not be first had in bringing back our king? And the words of the men of Judah were fiercer than the words of the men of Israel. (19:43)

A war of words nearly broke out into a civil war as the words of the men of Judah were fiercer than that of Israel as the latter claimed that they were not consulted over the return of David to the throne though David was from Judah. Sheba, a Benjamite, then seized the opportunity to lead another revolt after Absalom’s. Let us submit to God, and be kind to another, and be careful with our words as they can either heal or harm us. (James 1:19-20)

3. Wise (20:1-26)
Then the woman went unto all the people in her wisdom. And they cut off the head of Sheba the son of Bichri, and cast it out to Joab. And he blew a trumpet, and they retired from the city, every man to his tent. And Joab returned to Jerusalem unto the king. (20:22)

Amasa, David’s captain, was to lead the army against Sheba, however, he procrastinated, and Joab, his cousin, killed him, and replaced him. While besieging the city where Sheba and his rebels resided, a wise woman intervened and advised Joab that she would take down Sheba’s head to stop the bloodshed. She convinced her people, and they killed Sheba, and thus peace prevailed. Indeed, let us be wise and only fear God. (Proverbs 9:10)

Prayer of the Day:
Dearest God, please grant me wisdom so that I can handle life crises and challenges.

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Thursday, December 06 2018

2 Samuel 17 & 18: The Heart Of A Lion
Verse of the Day: (17:10) And he also that is valiant, whose heart is as the heart of a lion, shall utterly melt: for all Israel knoweth that thy father is a mighty man, and they which be with him are valiant men.

1. Heart (17:1-29)
And when Ahithophel saw that his counsel was not followed, he saddled his ass, and arose, and gat him home to his house, to his city, and put his household in order, and hanged himself, and died, and was buried in the sepulchre of his father. (17:23)

Ahithophel, David’s former counsellor, was an unfaithful and wicked man as he advised Absalom, David’s son, to sleep with his father’s concubines so as to mock him, and then suggested that he would lead 12,000 men to seek David’s life. However Hushai counselled Absalom that he should lead his own army as David had the heart of a lion, and would not be easily defeated. Hushai’s advice was really to buy time so that David would get a tip-off from him. Absalom and Israel then chose Hushai’s counsel and the proud Ahithophel felt humiliated, and set his house in order, before he hanged himself. Indeed, let us humble ourselves, and seek only after God’s holy heart. (Jeremiah 17:9-10) 
2. Heaven (18:1-18)
And Absalom met the servants of David. And Absalom rode upon a mule, and the mule went under the thick boughs of a great oak, and his head caught hold of the oak, and he was taken up between the heaven and the earth; and the mule that was under him went away. (18:9)

Though David commanded his 3 generals to spare Absalom, his son, yet Absalom ordered his men to kill his father. David’s men defeated Absalom’s men, and as Absalom tried to escape, his head was caught by a branch, and he was left hanging between heaven and earth. Joab was informed of Absalom’s predicament, and instead of rescuing him, he killed him. Subsequently, God judged and punished Joab and his descendants for their rebellion, while He blessed David and his descendants for their obedience. (1 Kings 2:33) 

3. Hurt (18:19-33)
And the king said unto Cushi, Is the young man Absalom safe? And Cushi answered, The enemies of my lord the king, and all that rise against thee to do thee hurt, be as that young man is. (18:32)

Though the deepest hurt of a father is when he witnesses his child’s death, yet the greatest comfort is to know that he is in heaven if he believes in Christ. When David heard that Absalom was dead, he cried to God that he should be the one to die. Though Absalom was rebellious, yet David loved him because he was his flesh and blood. Let us ask God for wisdom that we train our children in His Word to serve Him. (Proverbs 22:6)

Prayer of the Day:
Dearest God, please help me to have the heart of a lion to do Your perfect will.

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Monday, December 03 2018

2 Samuel 15 & 16: Thou Art A Stranger
Verse of the Day: (15:19) Then said the king to Ittai the Gittite, Wherefore goest thou also with us? return to thy place, and abide with the king: for thou art a stranger, and also an exile. 

1. Steal (15:1-18)
And on this manner did Absalom to all Israel that came to the king for judgment: so Absalom stole the hearts of the men of Israel. (15:6)

This was the most trying and tragic time of King David as his beloved son, Absalom, was plotting to usurp his throne while he was waiting for God to show him as to who would be his successor. Though Absalom was the best candidate yet he was too impatient and ambitious, and could not wait for God’s appointment. Absalom went to the people and stole their hearts including Ahithophel, David’s counsellor, by promising them that he would help them in all matters of their lives. As David refused to fight with his son he chose to leave Jerusalem, and wait for God’s counsel. When the priests took the ark of God to follow David, he told them to return to Jerusalem, as God might have desired that Absalom be the king, and the ark of God shall be with him. David loved God, his family and people, and he desired that everything he did must be His will. Indeed, God’s richest blessings are upon us when we wait upon Him, and do His perfect will. (Isaiah 40:28-31) 
2. Stranger (15:19-37)
And Ittai answered the king, and said, As the LORD liveth, and as my lord the king liveth, surely in what place my lord the king shall be, whether in death or life, even there also will thy servant be. (15:21)

While Absalom, David’s son, chose to fight and rebel against him, Ittai, David’s warrior, who was a stranger and foreigner not only loved David, but he was willing to lay his life for him. In fact, David had many faithful followers, including Hushai, the Archite, whom he commanded him to return to Absalom so that he could defeat Ahithophel’s counsel in favour of him. Indeed, God loves His children even when we are yet sinners, as He sent His only Son, Jesus Christ, to die for our sins. Whoever believes in Christ shall never perish in fiery hell, but have everlasting life with Him in glorious heaven. (Romans 5:6-8)

3. Seek (16:1-23)
And David said to Abishai, and to all his servants, Behold, my son, which came forth of my bowels, seeketh my life: how much more now may this Benjamite do it? let him alone, and let him curse; for the LORD hath bidden him. (16:11)

David came to the humbling point, where he accepted Shimei’s curses and hurling of stones at him, and the fact that his son sought his throne and life, because he loved God, and knew that if it was His will, he would gladly accept it. Life is tough, but let us keep trusting God, as one day, we shall be with Him in His heavenly mansions. (John 14:1-6)

Prayer of the Day:
Dearest God, thank You for saving the soul of a stranger and sinner like me.

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Monday, December 03 2018

2 Samuel 11-12: Thou Art The Man
Verse of the Day: (12:7) And Nathan said to David, Thou art the man. Thus saith the LORD God of Israel, I anointed thee king over Israel, and I delivered thee out of the hand of Saul;

1. Millstone (11:1-27)
Who smote Abimelech the son of Jerubbesheth? did not a woman cast a piece of a millstone upon him from the wall, that he died in Thebez? why went ye nigh the wall? then say thou, Thy servant Uriah the Hittite is dead also. (11:21)

Everyone has the brightest and the darkest chapter of life. King David had the darkest chapter of his life when he excused himself from the battle and stayed in his palace, and subsequently he committed adultery with beautiful Bathsheba, the wife of one of his courageous soldier, Uriah. In order to hide his sins, he plotted with Joab, his general, to put Uriah in the hottest battle and get him killed. However, David pretended that he did not know that Uriah was sent to the hottest battle, as he told his messenger that in the first place the soldiers should not have been sent near to the wall as previously there was a woman who threw a millstone and killed Abimelech (Judges 9:50-55). This was the darkest side of David’s life. On the other hand, I believe Uriah only understand his early promotion when he met God in heaven, and realised that his death was plotted by his king who had slept with his wife. Though it must be painful for Uriah to know the truth, yet he rejoiced as he is now with God in heaven. Subsequently God forgave David as he repented his sins. Indeed, God shall forgive our sins when we repent them. (1 John 1:9-10)
2. Man (12:1-7)
And David’s anger was greatly kindled against the man; and he said to Nathan, As the LORD liveth, the man that hath done this thing shall surely die: (12:5)

God spoke to Prophet Nathan of David’s sins, and as he described the sins of David with the analogy of a rich man taking the only ewe lamb from a poor man, David told him that the rich man ought to be sentenced to death. Nathan then replied to him, You are the man. Indeed, it is easy to see other’s faults, but not our own. Let us search our hearts, and repent of our sins, so that we be righteous in Christ’s righteousness. (Jeremiah 17:9-10)

3. Master (12:8-31)
And I gave thee thy master’s house, and thy master’s wives into thy bosom, and gave thee the house of Israel and of Judah; and if that had been too little, I would moreover have given unto thee such and such things. (12:8)

God truly loved David as He gave him all of his master, Saul’s things, including his wives. However, David lusted over Uriah, his soldier’s wife, and even killed him to hide his sins. Subsequently, God judged and punished David as his 7 days old son from Bathsheba died. Indeed, let us flee from sins as we shall reap what we sow. (Galatians 6:7)

Prayer of the Day:
Dearest God, please forgive me of my sins and to trust and obey You in everything.

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Monday, December 03 2018

2 Samuel 13 & 14: The Soul Of King David
Verse of the Day: (13:39) And the soul of king David longed to go forth unto Absalom: for he was comforted concerning Amnon, seeing he was dead.

1. Shame (13:1-22)
And I, whither shall I cause my shame to go? and as for thee, thou shalt be as one of the fools in Israel. Now therefore, I pray thee, speak unto the king; for he will not withhold me from thee. (13:13)

Amnon, one of King David’s son, could not control the lust of his flesh, and committed incest with Tamar, his half-sister. Tamar pleaded with Amnon that what he was about to do to her would not only bring shame to her and their royal family, but that he would be a fool to commit this lustful deed. However, Amnon refused to heed her plead and committed the evil act. David was angry with Amnon’s sins, however, as he recalled his own sinful deeds he could only pray for Amnon to repent his sins. Indeed, let us repent our sins that God shall forgive us and restore to us the joy of our salvation. (Psalms 51)
2. Soul (13:23-39)
But Absalom fled, and went to Talmai, the son of Ammihud, king of Geshur. And David mourned for his son every day. (13:37)

David loved his children including Amnon who committed incest. When David received the news that Amnon was dead as Absalom had commanded his servants to kill him, he wept sore. David’s soul then longed for Absalom who had fled from him, as he knew that his motive of murdering Amnon was to take revenge of what he had done to his sister. However Absalom should have left vengeance to God. (Hebrews 10:30-31) Indeed, let us who believe in God, love our children by raising them in His ways, and praying for their salvation, that one day we shall all be with Him in glorious heaven. (Revelation 21:1-4) 

3. Spill (14:1-33)
For we must needs die, and are as water spilt on the ground, which cannot be gathered up again; neither doth God respect any person: yet doth he devise means, that his banished be not expelled from him. (14:14)

Joab, David’s captain, knew that David loved and missed Absalom, and hence he engaged a wise woman to convince David to forgive Absalom, and asked him to return to him. The woman told David that she had 2 sons, and they had a dispute, and one of them killed the other. Her family then wanted her surviving son to be sentenced to death, and that would leave her with no heir. David was touched by her story and told her that he would give the royal pardon to her son. David realised that it must be Joab who had sent her to him. He knew that like water spilt to the ground could never be gathered he should move on. Indeed, let us forgive one another, as God has forgiven us. (Ephesians 4:31-32)

Prayer of the Day:
Dearest God, please strengthen my soul as I daily pray for my loved ones’ salvation.

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