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Pastor Notes 
Wednesday, June 24 2020

Psalm 33 & 34: Rejoice In The LORD

Verse of the Day: (33:1) Rejoice in the LORD, O ye righteous: for praise is comely for the upright.

1.    Be Rejoicing (33:1-4)
For the word of the LORD is right; and all his works are done in truth. (33:4)

King David who penned this Psalm knew that he must rejoice in the Lord as he knew that God never made a single mistake, and every word that He spoke to, and every work He did for him, was in truth and for his own good. Though he went through much sorrow and suffering, yet he knew that he must continue to trust in his righteous God. Apostle Paul also commanded the Thessalonian Christians to rejoice evermore, even when they were going through intense persecution and even martyrdom, knowing that one day, they shall be with Christ in His heaven for all who fully trusted in Him. (1 Thessalonians 5:16)

2.    Be Righteous (33:5-22)
He loveth righteousness and judgment: the earth is full of the goodness of the LORD. (33:5)

Though David failed many times yet he trusted God for his life. He acknowledged that God reigned supreme in his life as he could never outwit, outsmart and outmanoeuvre. Him. He knew that God shall blessed Israel, and no enemy shall defeat them when he led them to fully trust and obey Him, their Help and Shield. Indeed, God loves righteousness and judgment, and He hates wickedness and lawlessness, because He is good all the time, and all the time He is good. Everything that God makes is good, and especially man who is made in His own image. Indeed, let us truly trust and believe in Jesus Christ that He is our God and Saviour, and He shall grant us the best for our lives, even though many times we may not fully understand all His ways. Let us be prepared to meet Christ, as one day, He shall judge all the people in this world, and let us be found righteous in Him when we believe that He died and shed His precious blood for our sins. (Revelation 16:5)

3.    Be Redeemed (34:1-22)
The LORD redeemeth the soul of his servants: and none of them that trust in him shall be desolate. (34:22)

The entire life of David was full of rejoicing and gratitude to his God who had not only delivered him out of all his afflictions, but especially, He had redeemed him from fiery hell, and one day He shall promote him to pearly heaven. Indeed, David could only praised God knowing that no nation, and no one, could ever overcome him and Israel, when they trusted in Him. At the end of his life, he challenged the people to taste and see that God was good to all who trusted in Him. Let us thus rejoice and revive in God, as He had sent His Son to shed His blood to fully redeem us from our sins, and make us as His kings and priests to reign with Him on the new earth for all eternity. (Revelation 5:9-10)

Prayer of the Day:

Dearest God, please help me to rejoice and revive in You amid sadness and sorrow.

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Pastor Notes
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