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Pastor Notes 
Saturday, August 16 2014

John 2: Do You Believe In Miracles?
Verse of the Day: V23 “Now when he was in Jerusalem at the passover, in the feast day, many believed in his name, when they saw the miracles which he did.”

1. Marriage (V1-14)
V2 “And both Jesus was called, and his disciples, to the marriage.”

Jesus performed His first miracle at His friend’s marriage when He turned water into wine, and immediately His disciples believed on Him. Jesus was helpful when He was on earth, as He did not hesitate to help the bridegroom when there was no wine for his guests.

V11 “This beginning of miracles did Jesus in Cana of Galilee, and manifested forth his glory; and his disciples believed on him.”
2. Merchandise (V15-22)
V15 “And when he had made a scourge of small cords, he drove them all out of the temple, and the sheep, and the oxen; and poured out the changers’ money, and overthrew the tables;”

Jesus was angry with the people because they had made the house of God as the house of merchandise. Instead of praying and worshipping in God’s house, they were buying and selling their merchandise, such as sheep, oxen and doves, and changing money. They were more interested in making money and enriching themselves materially, than seeking God and enriching themselves spiritually. Hence Jesus chased them out of God’s house. Indeed, let us make God’s house as the house of prayer for us to worship and pray to Him.

V16 “And said unto them that sold doves, Take these things hence; make not my Father’s house an house of merchandise.”
3. Miracles (V23-25)
V23 “Now when he was in Jerusalem at the passover, in the feast day, many believed in his name, when they saw the miracles which he did.”

Though many believed in Jesus because He had performed many miracles, yet Jesus did not fully believe them as He knew the hearts of man. He knew that many of them only believed Him because they had witnessed His miracles of turning water into wine, healing the blind, raising the dead, etc., but deep down in their hearts, they had doubts. Indeed, when Jesus was betrayed, arrested and subsequently crucified, many of His disciples forsook Him. Let us know that God can truly perform miracles not just in the past, but in the present, as well as the future, and there is nothing impossible with God.

V24 “But Jesus did not commit himself unto them, because he knew all men,”

Prayer of the Day:
Dearest God, I believe in miracles and there is nothing impossible with You.

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Pastor Notes
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