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Pastor Notes 
Monday, February 24 2020

Job 9 & 10: The Eagle

Verse of the Day: (9:26) They are passed away as the swift ships: as the eagle that hasteth to the prey.

1.   Earth (9:1-25)
Which shaketh the earth out of her place, and the pillars thereof tremble. (9:6)

Job replied to Bildad, his friend, that he had examined himself, and did not find any known sins that he would reap the consequences of his tragic losses of his children and possessions. He believed he was almost a perfect man and in control of his life, and God had blessed him with a loving family and abundance of possessions, until suddenly he lost them in one day! Only at the later stage of his life, did he realise that it was Satan who asked God for permission to test his faith, by taking away everything that he had. Thank God, Job did not charge Him foolishly, realising that he had no control of his life, and it is only God who is in control of his life and everything. Indeed, God is in control of everything, as He is the Creator and Maker of the entire universe, the sky, the stars, the earth, the seas and the creatures, including man, made in His own image. (Acts 14:8-18)

2.   Eagle (9:26-35)
Neither is there any daysman betwixt us, that might lay his hand upon us both. (9:33)

Though Job’s days were as swift the eagle swooping its prey, yet he wished he could soon be with God as he missed his precious children. In fact, he was prophesying of the Messiah, the Daysman or Mediator, who shall not only reconcile God with man, but who truly understood what man had to go through in this life. Indeed, Jesus, the Messiah, came and went through worst suffering than Job, when He was humiliated and subsequently crucified not for His own sins, but the sins of the whole world. Let us keep looking to Jesus, and keep waiting upon Him, as we renew our strength, and mount up with wings as eagles, and run and not be weary, and walk and not faint. (Isaiah 40:28-31)

3.   Eyes (10:1-22)
Hast thou eyes of flesh? or seest thou as man seeth? (10:4)

Job asserted that only when he saw his crises through God’s eyes, and not his eyes would he understand what God was teaching him, otherwise he was weary of his life, and was in bitterness, and wished he was never born. Only in God’s eyes could he see light, otherwise he saw darkness even when there was light. This was especially so when Job searched his heart, and did not find any known sins he had committed that warranted the great crises. He knew of others who were evil and wicked, and yet they were not experiencing what he experienced. He could not understand God’s way, and only when he saw his crises in God’s eyes did he understand that they were for his good. Indeed, whatever we are going through, let God open our eyes that we see our crises in His eyes, that they are good for us, as they solidify and strengthen our faith in Him. (Acts 26:15-18)

Prayer of the Day:

Dearest God, my life is in Your hand as it is as fast as the eagle swooping on its prey.

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Pastor Notes
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