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Pastor Notes 
Wednesday, October 28 2020

Proverbs 15 & 16: The Delight Of God

Verse of the Day: (15:8) The sacrifice of the wicked is an abomination to the LORD: but the prayer of the upright is his delight.

1.    The Delight Of God (15:1-24)
Better is little with the fear of the LORD than great treasure and trouble therewith. (15:16)

The greatest delight of God is that His people, who are called by His name, live up to His attributes of uprightness and holiness. God delights in the prayer of those who fear and obey Him even when we are poor, but He will judge and punish those who are evil and wicked though they are rich. Let us be careful with our words that they are encouraging and edifying to others, and be slow to anger, and always ready to forgive, and be reconciled with others, as God has loved and forgiven us, and reconciled us to Him. Let us live peacefully with all, including our enemies. Let us embrace and endure God’s rebuke and discipline though they are painful and hurtful, as they are necessary and essential in building up our uprightness and holiness. Let us flee from hypocrisy and wickedness, and follow after God’s uprightness and holiness. Indeed, God shall hear our prayer, and save our souls, and deliver us from all temptations and tribulations, when we believe and trust in Him, and live upright and holy lives. Let us truly delight in and obey God and His Word, and He shall delight in our prayer and faith in Him. (Romans 7:22-25) 

2.    The Destruction Of God (15:25-33)
The LORD will destroy the house of the proud: but he will establish the border of the widow. (15:25)

God through King Solomon of Israel commands Israel and Christians today, that we fear Him, and humble ourselves before Him, and help the poor and the widows, that we may please and glorify His name. God shall judge and destroy the proud and wicked, because they are the enemies of the cross of Christ as they reject Him as their Saviour. Let us therefore humble ourselves before God, and believe, and fear Him. (Philippians 3:17-21)

3.    The Direction of God (16:1-33)
A man’s heart deviseth his way: but the LORD directeth his steps. (16:9)

God’s delight in us when we commit our lives to Him, and let Him direct our ways and words for His glory and praise. Indeed, when we let God have His ways, He shall make even our enemies to be at peace with us. However, God hates those who choose to walk in their own ways, and subsequently, He shall judge and destroy them in the devil’s burning hell. Let us thus trust and obey God, and He shall increase and abound in us with His everlasting love, so that we will love all, including our enemies, and ultimately He shall direct and lead us to His pearly heaven for all eternity. (1 Thessalonians 3:11-13)

Prayer of the Day:

Dearest God, please help me to win Your delight by trusting and obeying You.

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Pastor Notes
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